About Jumilla


  • Located in Southeast, the area begins in Tobarra mountains, a natural crossroad located between Alicante, Albacete and Murcia, around 50 miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The vines stretch out across more than 19,000 hectares of land and over 2,000 viticulturists painstakingly care for each and every one. 45 registered wineries in the provinces of Murcia and Albacete, of which 40% are located in the town of Jumilla.


The oldest remains of Vitis vinifera seeds in Europe were discovered here dating back 3000 BC, confirming that viticulture and viniculture have been an integral part of Jumilla for over 5,000 years.

Our protected Designation of Origin was established over 50 years ago, one of the oldest DOs in Spain.

Native Varietals: Monastrell

Sunshine and low humidity levels facilitate cultivation of this sought-after variety. The Monastrell grape prospers in the heat and produces wines that range from lively and fruity, to stunningly complex.

The Monastrell grape accounts for 75% of the entire yield and has put Jumilla firmly on the map.

The grape is known internationally as the Mourvèdre or Mataró and it has small berries with a thick skin.

Monastrell wines are expressive, with a silky palate. Their intense character reflects the landscape that surrounds them, with such characteristic nuances as black fruit, balsamic and spicy, and with a characteristic purple colour. They have triumphed in numerous international competitions.

Monastrell is a low yielding, thick-skinned, small berry, with compact grape clusters.

Flavor characteristics of Monastrell from Jumilla are potent, expressive wines with a characteristic purplish color and abundant fruit aromas; rich and mellow in the mouth.

Monastrell also blends well with other approved varietals such as Garnacha, Garnacha Tintorera and Syrah.