Jumilla wines get new certifying back label

Jumilla wines get new certifying back label

Newly bottled wines within the Jumilla PDO will carry an updated back label that has been given a refresh to include elements such as braille and invisible ink.

The new certifying back label includes an illustration of Monastrell vine roots in a hat tip to the region’s flagship grape; the word ‘Jumilla’ in braille and Roman lettering; a pair of 4th century Iberian gold earrings in the shape of a grape cluster; a map of Spain pinpointing where the region resides; and a stamp from the DOP.

The new label also features an ultraviolet authentication sticker and the word Jumilla in binary code.

The use of this new certifying back label isn’t compulsory for producers in the region, as the insertion of the traceability numbers can be also integrated into back labels following Jumilla PDO regulations.

The labels are being distributed to bodegas and will appear on bottles from the 2021 vintage.