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Visiting Royalty, Monastrell, the Queen of Jumilla

Visiting Royalty, Monastrell, the Queen of Jumilla

In association with DO Jumilla.

Did you know that Spain is ranked as the number one country in the world with the most area of cultivated grape vineyards? And when it comes to wine regions and varieties of wine produced here, there is no shortage of topics to write about. Spain is rich in history where wine has played an important role since before 3000 B.C.  


Today my focus is Jumilla (pronounced who-ME-ah), a small wine region in southeastern Spain approximately 50 miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea. The area is composed of over 22,700 hectares of vineyards that stretch between the provinces of Murcia and Albacete, of which over 40% are located in the town of Jumilla. And there are over 2000 viticulturists here who diligently care for each vine.  

I recently had the opportunity to explore this beautiful area with its breathtaking views, history, and delicious cuisine. And at every twist and turn of the road, one can find acres of olive and almond trees, in addition to wine vineyards. Jumilla DOP oversees and regulates the region’s wine producers, growers, wineries, and co-operatives. It is one of the oldest Designations of Origin in Spain, established in 1966.