by Dracaena Wines

Who Me (yah)? Yes, Jumilla! The Best Choice For Monastrell

Who Me (yah)? Yes, Jumilla! The Best Choice For Monastrell

Perfectly suited to the climate and growing conditions of Spain’s high plateau, the Monastrell grape is revered by Jumilla’s winemakers – and a new generation is pioneering the evolution of expressive modern styles

September 22, 2021

A land where 22,000 hectares of land are dedicated to growing grapes. Travel to where there are only 39 registered wineries and where a small little town contains 40% of those wineries. Welcome to Jumilla. (who·me·yah)

Monastrell, also known as Mourvèdre or Mataro, was born in Jumilla and they have the largest collection of 90+ year old vines to prove it. Located in the south-eastern portion of Fuente-Àlamo, alongside the Segura river and is dedicated to the love of Monastrell. 

Monastrell vines are maintained by head trained and are not irrigated on a regular basis even though it is allowed within the DO regulations. This is ideal for the grape which is rather erect, so the vines/clusters do not touch the ground. The vines see spacious separation between each other. The climate is so warm, the head training allows the leaves to protect the grapes from the hot sun. The soils, made mostly of calcaerous, drain extremely well, so the roots need to travel deep into the ground to find the water.