A Few Gems to Kick Off the New Year!

by thewineknitter.com In association with DO Jumilla. It was another bumpy ride this past year, with many of us feeling as though we were on an endless roller coaster ride.  So as we usher in the New Year, let’s be optimistic and forge ahead by embracing new adventures, tackling our bucket lists, and celebrating one another!  Be […]

Visiting Royalty, Monastrell, the Queen of Jumilla

by Santé Magazine In association with DO Jumilla. Did you know that Spain is ranked as the number one country in the world with the most area of cultivated grape vineyards? And when it comes to wine regions and varieties of wine produced here, there is no shortage of topics to write about. Spain is […]

Mad For Monastrell

by Thewinechef.com If you love big, rich and intense red wines, have I got a grape for you! Called Monastrell in Spain, the grape is known as Mourvèdre in France and frequently used in the famous blends of Bandol, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and Côtes du Rhône. However, the variety’s birthplace is in the small region of Jumilla […]

On Monastrell, Three Wines from D.O. Jumilla and Foods for Pairing

by Grape-experiences.com Several years ago, I visited the Spanish region of Murcia with a group of wine media colleagues. Strikingly beautiful with an inspiring culture of food, wine and history, I vowed to return to this special part of the world. Now, thanks to my #WorldWineTravel colleagues, a group who travel the world via writing […]

Who Me (yah)? Yes, Jumilla! The Best Choice For Monastrell

by Dracaena Wines Perfectly suited to the climate and growing conditions of Spain’s high plateau, the Monastrell grape is revered by Jumilla’s winemakers – and a new generation is pioneering the evolution of expressive modern styles  DracaenaWines September 22, 2021 A land where 22,000 hectares of land are dedicated to growing grapes. Travel to where […]


by TheWineKnitter.com Penina, July 20 2021 It’s time to board the plane and fasten your seatbelt.  We are heading to Spain on my virtual private jet to explore Jumilla and the Monastrell grape. Elena Pacheco freely admits that a couple of decades ago, she and many of her young winemaking colleagues in Jumilla were tempted to […]

The best wines from The Spring Tasting

by thedrinksbusiness.com​ We bring you the best wines from The Spring Tasting, featuring an exciting range of new releases that are due to hit the shelves over the coming months. Patrick Schmitt March 17, 2021 While other seasons are associated with a particular drink, be it warming reds for winter, refreshing rosés for summer, or rich […]

Top 10 wines for spring

by thedrinksbusiness.com We’ve rounded up 10 medal-winning wines and one sparkling from our Spring Tasting, taking in a Greek white and red, Israeli Syrah and a Chardonnay from an American sporting legend. Patrick Schmitt, April 9, 2021 The following wines are a selection of highlights from The Spring Tasting by the drinks business, which was conducted earlier […]

Regional guide: Jumilla

by Decanter.com In association with DO Jumilla. It has a hot climate, but the cool nights and high altitude bring a large diurnal range which help the grapes retain freshness. The majority of Jumilla’s Monastrell vines are ungrafted, as phylloxera has never infiltrated these soils. 90% of the vineyards are also organic – again the […]

What you need in your Spanish wine cellar – a guide

by Decanter.com In partnership with ARAEX Grands Spanish wine expert Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW shares his advice on what to put in your cellar and when to drink… Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW, March 1, 2018 What you need in your Spanish wine cellar – a guide Bearing in mind present day’s diversity and quality in […]