The red wines of Jumilla

by In association with DO Jumilla. With its generous climate, Jumilla has always been a producer of red wines, but today the styles are evolving. Andrew Black introduces the rising stars who are pioneering the region’s next generation reds and recommends bottles to try Andrew BlackDecember 8, 2020 Jumilla always made decent red wines. […]

The best wines from The Autumn Tasting 2020

by While our usual Masters competitions focus on a grape, region or style, our inaugural Autumn Tasting was open to all, and brought to light some exciting wines from parts of the world that might normally have been overlooked, writes Patrick Schmitt MW. Patrick Schmitt, 02 March 2021 This report contains the results from an entirely […]

Exploring Jumilla

by By Andrew Black April 29, 2021 With its distinctive wines, regional gastronomy and unique visitor attractions, Jumilla has plenty to offer wine tourists. Andrew Black rounds up the highlights and recommends white, rosé and sweet wines to try. As would-be travellers to Spain look forward to the post-Covid era, you may decide to […]

Jumilla wines get new certifying back label

by By Lucy Shaw March 26, 2021 Newly bottled wines within the Jumilla PDO will carry an updated back label that has been given a refresh to include elements such as braille and invisible ink. The new certifying back label includes an illustration of Monastrell vine roots in a hat tip to the region’s […]

Why Jumilla should be on every wine lover’s radar

by By Patrick Schmitt August 20, 2020 If you want inexpensive, organic wines from historic, ungrafted, dry-farmed vines – and who doesn’t? – then head to Jumilla in Spain. See our pictorial review of this remarkable place, which needs promoting before it’s too late: Jumilla’s relic vineyards are under threat. On July 20 I […]

Jumilla: Everything you always wanted to know

by Promotional feature Fiona Sims October 17, 2019 Undulating plains of sand-coloured earth are broken up by neatly striped rows of vines and stippled with olive groves. A solitary windmill sites in the windswept fertile plateau, the horizon stretching into the blue distance, where hills are dotted with their 21st century equivalent, wind turbines. Add […]

Jumilla: Spain’s organic wine region

by In association with DO Jumilla. A unique combination of climate, soils and topography promotes organic growing on Spain’s high plateau Andrew Black November 16, 2020 Ask a Jumilla vine-grower if they are organic and you’re likely to get a wry smile. Jumilla is by definition, they will say, organic. In fact, many growers […]

Jumilla: Grapes and flavours

by In association with DO Jumilla. Perfectly suited to the climate and growing conditions of Spain’s high plateau, the Monastrell grape is revered by Jumilla’s winemakers – and a new generation is pioneering the evolution of expressive modern styles Andrew BlackDecember 8, 2020 Elena Pacheco freely admits that a couple of decades ago, she […]